Our IV Infusions support Wellness, Jet lag, Hangover recovery, Flu and Virus Recovery, help treat Migraine and Emphasize Beauty.


Cleanse- Replenish and Hydrate (1 Liter of Hydration for organ cleanse over 45mins) …….$85


Migraine Treatment - Pain and Nausea Relief (1 Liter of hydration with anti-inflammatories and anti- nausea medication for pain relief and GI upset over 1hr)….$150


Recovery - Perfect Hangover and Jet lag Recovery! (1 Liter of hydration with electrolyte replacement for GI and fatigue recovery over 1hr) …….$150


Refresh - Energy Boost (1 Liter of hydration with anti-inflammatories, essential vitamin pack and VitB12 for a natural cleanse and energy boost over 1hr) …….$200

Beautify -Glowing Skin, Hair and Nails (1Liter of hydration with Vitamin C to support collagen growth and prevent sagging skin and Vitamin B-Complex to prevent signs of aging and aid in new skin cell production, over 45mins)… $300

Immune Boost-Perfect for Combating Viruses and Staying Healthy (Super Vitamin Package over 1hr) ….$300

We offer CareCredit Payment Plan Options for all of our services

*restrictions apply


Wellness Injections

Our injections will help you reach your wellness goals. 

B12 Injection Series -  Supports normal brain function and a healthy nervous system. Lack of B12 can lead to a low blood count, leading to weakness and fatigue. Our Series is administered weekly then every 30 days after that. 

Vitamin B12 weekly for four weeks.….$220

Vitamin B12 every 30 days.….$60

Lipo- C Injection Series- Supports fat burning in stubborn areas and increases metabolism. Add Lipo-C to your exercise routine to increase energy and aid in fat loss. Lipo-C works to release fat deposits in your body.

Lipo-C weekly for four weeks....$280

Glutathione Injection- Glutathione is a detoxifying antioxidant. It is also immune boosting and collagen building, supporting beauty goals and anti-aging effects. 

Glutathione weekly for four weeks....$200

We offer CareCredit Payment Plan Options for all of our services