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The COVID-19 Vaccine

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

No doubt about it, COVID-19 is life threatening. There have been over 300,000 deaths and more than 17 million infected individuals in the US alone due to COVID. This makes the use of a vaccine incredibly important to protecting ourselves and loved ones. But how do we know we can trust this new vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccine is a messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine. How does mRNA help? mRNA means you will NOT be given a live virus or ANY parts of the COVID-19 virus. Instead, think of it like giving our bodies a snapshot of COVID-19; triggering an immune response, teaching our cells how to make a protein that will protect our bodies from the virus. The immune response produces antibodies, which is our body's natural defense against certain types of bacteria and viruses, including COVID.

If you’re worried about this being a new type of vaccine that has not been adequately tested, then you’ll be glad to hear mRNA is not new! In fact, it’s been studied for decades. mRNA is used in cancer research to target cancer cells and has been studied for flu, Zika and rabies.

Vaccine Myths

The vaccines aren’t safe because they were developed quickly. FALSE!

The COVID-19 vaccine was developed quickly, but the clinical trials weren’t rushed. COVID-19 is similar to other coronaviruses we’ve seen in humans and previous research helped speed up this process.

The vaccines can lead to long-term effects. FALSE! With vaccines, if there is going to be a complication or side effect (like an allergic reaction) it will occur within minutes to hours of receiving the vaccine. It would not influence any long-term side effects

You can get COVID-19 from the vaccines. FALSE! This is NOT a live virus being administered in the vaccines. You might have side effects like headaches or chills, but don’t worry that’s your body creating the necessary antibodies to defend against COVID.

The COVID-19 vaccines will alter your DNA. FALSE!

The vaccines use mRNA to protect us from COVID-19, it does not go into the center of the cell, where it can be replicated.

Once I get vaccinated, I don’t have to wear masks. FALSE!

The mask is not only still necessary it is also a way to tell others you care about your and their well-being. If you’re walking around in public, how do you know who is and isn't vaccinated? These vaccines are 95% effective! Better to prevent than lament.

There is hope. The COVID vaccine will be the next step to bringing things back to normal. Until then remember to:

  • Wash your hands

  • Wear your mask

  • Socially Distance (About six feet apart)

  • Avoid large crowds

If you have any questions about COVID or the vaccine, the health providers at The Renewal Room are here to help!

At The Renewal Room we take your questions and concerns seriously. You are more than just a patient to us. Our providers can help ease your concerns and help you feel your best.

Because self care is never selfish!

Ref: CDC & Henry Ford

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